– comprehensive preparation of a photo shoot
– retouching of a portrait, body parts, shaping the body, etc.
– long standing experience in retouching skin and hair
– extensive experience in retouching complicated and multipart composition
– deep understanding of relationships between light, anatomy and texture
– professional photomontage
– thorough knowledge and application of color theory
– thorough knowledge and application of color space RGB, CMYK and Lab
– extensive experience in preparing for DTP

– flexible working hours suited to the individual photographer’s needs
– optional consultation before the photo shoot
– neutral optical space – a digital darkroom designed in accordance with ISO standards
– data base of color profiles of the most important printing houses and magazines
– FTP Web Server
– fast Internet connection
– security – duplicating data on RAID disc arrays
– high quality non-certificated proofs or proofs with Ugra/Fogra certificate (EFI Rip EPSON 7880)?